July -  December 2003

Primers, brochures, flyers and cds were developed by Philippine Sustainable Development Network Foundation, Inc. for the Environmental Impact Assessment Project Office of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).  The primers, brochures and flyers on the Operations Manual of the DPWH Social and Environmental Management System is intended to provide general information about the social and environmental policies of the DPWH, and introduces the Social and Environmental Management System which implementation is mandated since 2003.

The primers on Policies and Procedures for Land Acquisition of Infrastructure Right of Way includes how infrastructure right of way is acquired and managed. 

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July to November 2000

In July 2000, the Philippine Sustainable Development Network Foundation, Inc., in cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Embassy, developed a website that would feature local sustainable development (SD) strategies that have been successfully implemented in the Philippines.  The communities and strategies were pre-selected according to a sustainable development indicators. Its purpose is to  facilitate technology transfer to other communities and to set a network of SD stakeholders.  It also aimed to provide a vehicle for promoting local products, services, and attractions for local communities.

On 29 November 2000, people and stakeholders involved in the development of the project gathered at  Manansala Hall of Manila Galleria Suites in Quezon City for the launching of the website.  Aptly called sdvillage.ph, it was launched in an event designed to promote it as the site that is "networking people . . .  building communities".   A collection of stories is presented in a format that is user-friendly and the process or the strategy employed by the community is described in detail that would encourage replication of the strategy/practice in an appropriate manner by communities not just in the Philippines but in other parts of the world as well.

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The Philippine Sustainable Development Network Foundation, Inc. is undertaking activities for the establishment of a information exchange and networking center for sustainable development in order to strengthen the effectiveness of the Philippine Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) as the national coordinating mechanism for the implementation of Philippine Agenda 21. 

Mr. Felizardo K. Virtucio, Jr., Head, PCSD SecretariatThe first consultation with the stakeholders was on 11 October 2001 at the Boardroom of the National Economic Development Authority, Pasig City.  It was attended by representatives from various government agencies, non-government organizations and academe.


To validate the results of the survey and to identify data gaps, the consultation was immediately followed by a validation workshop held on 14 December 2001 at the Astoria Plaza.  Presented during the workshop were the results of the survey administered in relation to the prototype design phase of the PIENC.


On 05 July 2002, at the Visitors' Center of the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Nature Center, a consultation-workshop was held to present the draft design of the PIENC and its website, and solicit comments and additional inputs to the design.

Also presented during the consultation was the database design for monitoring PA 21 implementation, the main objective of which is to facilitate the coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of the implementation of PA 21 by the PCSD.

On 17 September 2002, an orientation-training was conducted to familiarize the PCSD Government Counterpart Secretariat (NEDA Agriculture Staff) on the features of the Website, especially the back-end database for reporting and monitoring the implementation of PA21.

The Center, which is now called the PCSDNet, has a platform website now on line at -  http://pcsd.neda.gov.ph.